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How Seniors Can Fight Back an Aging Brain

As our bodies age, our brains will also begin to age. Although life experiences and knowledge increases, studies have shown our day-to-day memory and cognitive functions start to decline once we hit our late thirties!

But don't give up hope just yet! There are plenty of things seniors (as well as all of us) can engage in to improve their mental health, functionality and simply fight back against the power of aging.

Here are some activities for seniors to improve overall brain function and brain health:

1. Aerobic Exercise

Studies have shown that aerobics, along with music, are instrumental in helping minds stay sharp, while also improving memory, motor skills, and mood.

2. Swimming

Some seniors may shy away from aerobic exercise, but swimming is a great alternative. The continuous strokes of swimming help improve memory skills and coordination, while keeping the brain sharp and focused.

3. Puzzles

We all remember growing up seeing our parents and grandparents completing crossword puzzles on Sunday morning, and it's been proven that keeping up with those brain-building activities are necessary to keep the brain focused.

While it may not always be possible to stop or reverse the aging process, helping your aging parents or senior loved ones engage in these activities may help them sharpen their minds and retain their cognitive function as they begin to age.

As always, if we can assist you or your family, our Kind Companions are ready to serve. Please reach out to us here.

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