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Why Us?

Why Choose Kind Companions?

Kind Companions offices are licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services. We work hard to help people needing non-medical assistance find caregivers to meet their needs. The Kind Companions Registry is an intermediary between the client and caregiver.


You, the client, are in charge. You choose a schedule that fits your needs. The Registry will locate a caregiver that meets your specifications. The Registry understands that sometimes a client/caregiver match doesn't work. You, the client, have complete control. If a caregiver doesn't meet your expectations, contact Kind Companions for another caregiver referral.


The Kind Companions registry consists of highly qualified, dependable, kind, gentle, compassionate, happy people who possess positive helping attitudes that encourage independence and participation in life. 

For your protection and peace of mind, before being listed on the registry, each caregiver must:


Submit to a Drug Screen: Preformed prior to joining the registry and randomly thereafter. Each caregiver is screened for illegal substances and for narcotics as well. Licensed agencies are not required by law to test for drugs at all, but the Kind Companions Registry does this for your peace of mind.


Submit to a Criminal History Check: Licensed agencies in Texas are only required to check the Texas state register. The Kind Companions Registry uses a third-party system which checks nationwide through a social security number search.

Submit to a Reference and Misconduct Check: Licensed agencies are required by law to check and verify references and to also check the state misconduct registry.

Additional Qualifications for Our Caregivers:

  • Most caregivers are CPR certified and non-smokers

  • If caregiver is not CPR certified, we provide the training and certification.

  • Each caregiver is bonded and insured

  • Each caregiver is tested for communicable diseases annually (TB test)

  • Our caregivers are provided annual flu shots at no cost.

  • Each caregiver completes an extensive written multiple situation analyses

  • Each caregiver is evaluated on their clinical skills

  • Each caregiver receives state-mandated training and information regarding the latest and greatest on serving their client's needs 

Our caregivers are available to serve Denton, Collin and Dallas counties.

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