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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

March is here, which means many of us are starting to plan those spring cleans and garage sales to declutter and take charge of our homes before the busy seasons get here. Sometimes these traditions can be overwhelming, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you manage your spring cleaning plans.

1. Start with Trash

The easiest thing to do first when it comes to spring cleaning is probably to start by clearing out the trash. Paper has a funny way of piling up and getting out of control. Now is a good time to dust off that shredder and put it to work! If you have teenagers or other family members, hand them each a trash bag and tell them to fill it! It's shocking how much stuff we tend to hang onto that could easily be tossed.

2. Donate

The next step is to donate old clothes or shoes you no longer wear or you've outgrown. Many services will pick up the items directly off your front porch, so don't stress about filling your trunk. Dig through your coat closet and junk drawers and see what can be donated. Don't forget your tax deductible receipt!

3. Organize the Clutter

Make a list of your most cluttered areas in your home, and then pick one to conquer each day. Maybe start with that bathroom drawer that has products you NEVER touch anymore, or your linen closet that really needs to be reorganized. If you do a new area each day for 3 weeks, you'll be surprised at how much clutter has been cleared!

4. Get Everyone Involved

If you have teenagers, kids, or roommates, ask for help! Make it a fun event; play music and order pizza after everyone has done their part. Even if they seem reluctant to help at first, everyone will feel more at ease once the home is cleaned a bit.

5. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is always easier if you do it often. For example, set a schedule to vacuum on Sundays, or do toilets every Saturday. Assign each family member their own laundry day (this is a tip from many families with lots of kiddos.) Instead of trying to clean the whole house in one day, divide the tasks over several days throughout the month, so it's less overwhelming and a continued process that becomes a habit.

Hopefully these tips are helpful. If you are a family caregiver and need some assistance with juggling your loved one's caregiving needs with everything else on your plate, please reach out to our Kind Companions today for a free in-home consultation to see how we can relieve some of your stress. Email us here.

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