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She Doesn't Recognize Me Anymore

A client of ours contacted us several months ago about scheduling some daytime companionship for her mother. She has Alzheimer's and has been struggling for several years to maintain her lifestyle and stay in her home. After a scary incident at home, her daughter made the decision to move in with her mom permanently to take over her care herself, but utilizing Kind Companions to fill in the gaps when she went to work in the mornings and ran errands, doctor appointments, etc.

We had two different companions who filled the needs of this family, and both became quite attached to both the daughter and mother during this time. One of our Kind Companions had recently lost her own mother, and had formed a bond with these two ladies. She said she felt as though her grief was slowing being healed with every hour she spent caring for this woman.

Then one day things changed. Our companion reached out to the daughter and told her, "when I arrived today to your home, your mom seemed upset when I walked in the front door and she doesn't seem to recognize me anymore." The daughter sighed and said it seemed to be happening with several of their family members and neighbors as well. The Alzheimer's was progressing, and both the daughter and our Kind Companion couldn't do anything to stop it.

I wish we could tell you there's a fix, but there's not. I can tell you that Kind Companions are there for it all: the good, the bad and the messy. Life is complicated, and Alzheimer's is no different. Every day is a challenge, but you don't have to go it alone.

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