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Alternatives to Summer Vacations

Summer is in full swing all around us. The temperatures are heating up, the kids are all out of school, and travel agents are busy planning getaways and family vacations.

But if you're a family caregiver or someone with a loved one suffering from a chronic illness or other health challenges, planning a week-long trip across the country or overseas may not be possible at this time. Although it can feel like you're the only one unable to travel, studies show you certainly aren't alone, though it may not make it any easier.

Here are a few alternatives to the traditional summer vacations:

1. Take a staycation!

Stealing away for a night or two at a local hotel or bed and breakfast can make all the difference. If your loved one isn't able to come with you, consider asking another family member to stay with them or better yet, calling a Kind Companion to step in and help for a couple of days. Pack food and drinks to save money, or use this opportunity to explore your own city and find new places to eat or visit.

2. Consider Camping

Camping is often a favorite for kids, but there are even ways to make traditional camping a little more cozy for everyone. Consider staying in a cabin or renting a plush RV or camper to travel with, and don't be afraid to ask for suggestions. If sleeping in a tent isn't your thing, perhaps staying in a local motel is an option, and visiting the campground during the day. No one needs to know you aren't a fan of sleeping outside.

3. Unplug at Home

This is probably one of the most underestimated ways to take a vacation, but it's definitely the least expensive and has some pretty impressive side effects. Consider staying home, but unplug from social media, work and even your cell phone for a couple of days. Initially, it might be really tough, but once you feel lighter and more free, you might just become addicted to the feeling. Consider renting movies and bringing in food, or dragging in all of the board games from that box in the garage. Monopoly anyone? This is a great alternative if you want to enjoy some time with your loved ones, and you can really involve everyone.

We hope you are enjoying the start of your summer! If Kind Companions can help you with care for your loved ones, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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