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Lessons from the Fall Trees

Technically, fall is supposed to take place next week. If you live in Texas, like we do, the temperatures are still pretty unbearable, so the word 'fall' feels a bit mismatched.

Even so, we wanted to share a few lessons that the fall trees can teach us about life:

1. Even Great Things Change

Every year we watch the trees outside the windows of the Kind Companions office turn different colors and eventually the leaves fall and the trees become bare. It takes just a few months to complete the cycle, and then the following year we start all over again. What if we threw a fit and demanded the leaves never change? Probably not a good idea, and not really effective anyway. Even the best and most beautiful things will change, and there's very little we can do about it. We see this a lot with our clients and their families, struggling to accept a health diagnosis or sudden change in the family dynamic. The harder we fight the change, the longer it takes us to overcome it. Sometimes we just have to accept this is part of life and let it happen.

2. There is a Season for Everything

We may not always understand why things are happening to us or around us, but understanding there are seasons in all things can be healing. For example, a loved one undergoing cancer treatments may be experiencing nausea, hair loss, fatigue, and many other side effects. But once the treatments are complete, they may have less negative symptoms. When we are recovering from surgery, we often struggle with wanting to do too much too soon. We can't rush the process. If we try, we may delay the healing process altogether.

3. You Will Bloom Again

Even on the darkest of days, it may be frustrating to hear this, but you will rise again. Your 'leaves' will come back and your flowers will bloom again. You are simply changing with the seasons, and give yourself some grace. We don't always know how we will get through something traumatic or challenging, and sometimes we may not think we will get through it all; but we do. You are proof that you have survived everything so far.

You are meant to bloom again, so just take care of yourself until it's your time. Forgive yourself and let past hurts go. If you are struggling today, we are sending you warm thoughts and supportive energy. If a Kind Companion can help you or your family through this time, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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