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New Year, Same You

It's a new year, and that means many are posting their larger-than-life dreams and goals and lofty lists of resolutions. From desires to lose weight and get in shape, to becoming financially independent and free of debt, we see it all in our news feeds daily. But what if there was a better way to approach this new year idea?

Many of our treasured clients admit to having regrets as they have gotten older, and they open up and share with our trusted Kind Companions. What we hear the most is that they regret not spending more time with their families and friends when they were younger, and they wished they'd pursued more of what made them happy in life. We hear amazing stories of talented writers, singers, piano players and even dancers... all of whom gave up on their dreams to pursue a traditional career and life. Years later, they all yearned to go back in time to change the course of their lives, only it wasn't possible.

So this new year, we want to encourage you to find more of you. Find what makes you happy, and what lights you up, and pursue that. Truthfully, losing weight or becoming physically fit may fulfill something for you, but ultimately it will not change the course of your life. What crazy dream did you have a long time ago, but gave up on and still think about often? What is that longing in your heart you keep feeling and trying to ignore? Follow it!

Happy New Year from your friends at Kind Companions.

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